Written prescriptions

Please visit the practice or phone to order your repeat medication or food, giving us at least 48-hours notice. This gives the vet time to dispense the medication, and saves you having to wait during a busy surgery. It also allows time to order medications which we may not have in stock at the time.

For stable conditions where your pet is on long term or life time medication a repeat prescription check is usually required every six months. Your vet will be able to advise you on what is appropriate for your pet.

If your pet has a newly diagnosed condition then your vet may want to see them more frequently during the early stages of management, to ensure that the treatment is working effectively and no dose changes need to be made. Once your pet is stable on their treatment then these repeat consults will not need to be as frequent.

Written prescriptions are available if you would like to get your pet’s medication from an online pharmacy. There is a charge for a written prescription. It is not possible to give a written prescription in the event of an emergency or where immediate treatment is required.