Reception and dispensary


We have a large comfortable reception waiting room area where you are greeted on arrival, our receptionist and nurses are more than happy to answer all queries here as well. We provide fresh cool water along with a toilet facility. Also in the waiting area we stock a variety of treats, toys and gadgets for your pet on our PetFace stand. Our notice board is updated regularly to provide you with most up to date information and any special offers that are running along with a range of leaflets on pet care information.

Open from 8am to 6.30pm we have a fully stocked dispensary which holds a wide range of medications. Our receptionist and/or nurses will be able to help with concerns regarding your pet’s medication. If we do not stock what you are looking for just ask as we may be able to order you what you need from our wholesaler. Prescriptions can only be dispensed for animals under our care. Repeat prescriptions are dispensed after 48-hours of ordering and will require a prescription health check every six months.