Anchorage vet examining a pet dog

The vet will call you and your animal when it is time for your appointment. You will be called to one of our consulting rooms; this is where the primary treatment for your pet takes place.

All consulting rooms are stocked with diagnostic equipment such as thermometers (measure your pets temperature), stethoscopes (listening to heart and lungs for any abnormalities), otoscopes (examine the ears) and opthalmoscopes (examine the eyes) which may be required during your pets treatment.

Also in each consultation room, our vet’s computers hold particular software which enables our vets to view and show you any radiographs which may have been taken of your pet.

If your pet requires further examination, treatment, tests or surgery then he/she may need to be admitted into the practice or come back another day for them to be admitted.

Once your pet has been seen by the veterinary surgeon all details of the treatment that they have received will be entered onto the computer system for future reference. We routinely also send out reminders for boosters and annual health checks.